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Chekesha's Shoestring Travel Budget

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Let me give you some Cliff Notes on #Hostels which is going to help make it easier to plan your trips.


Lesson on Hostel

1. Different from hotels

2. Usually directed toward Backpackers

3. Guess what you just became a backpacker by Travel Queen Chekesha-these are places to stay for $40 bucks a night.

4. You get your choice of how many roommates you want. It could be 11 -(that's 5 bunkrooms in a room)!

5. You can have use of a Communal Kitchen- you should bring a small container of dawn dishwater soap (maybe subdivided between 3 ounce bottles for airport inspection.

Concentrated) So) on bringing less bags- for best air tickets prices. It is usually $35 - $25 per non carry on bag.

Bring one extra bag with clothes or slightly worn tennis /sketcher shoes to give to a Church-then make that your bag to bring your souvenirs back in.

Buy your souvenirs with that bag

Measurements remember that bag will be an extra $25/$35 fee!! 

Hostels Info

Hostel are different from Hotels

“You can become a backpacker like the Travel Queen Chekesha.”

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